Excerpt from Tuesday, Monday by Theressa Slind

Natalie and her friends wore stiff neon vests like sandwich boards advertising their faith in finding Bettina, the little girl who’d wandered into the bush three days ago. At least Natalie’s friends had faith—this was their second time through the same field because Morgan had a “good feeling”. They were just a few of the [...]

Excerpt from Number Six by Terry Jordan

MOLLY stands at a table brushing COLIN’s police dress jacket and pants. MOLLY (to the audience) He was terrible funny with the limericks, Colin was. The scourge of the church, though that didn't stop him. He'd make up new ones every day. New ways to embarrass me, reciting them to anyone, anywhere.  Some of them were lovely [...]

Excerpt from Calvin 13 by Arthur Slade

I turned a corner and got God. That’s how they’ll tell it to the future gens. They won’t say nuts about the smiley smackin’ through my head, that I had to piss. They’ll say I was the thirteen who killed so many in corp wars but cried for the first time in all his years of warring after seeing the perfection of the Monkeyman’s face. They’ll spout that my geneticized heart was opened to love. They’ll write [...]

“A Dark Matter” by Barbara Langhorst

So shy, immaterial, you lit out at night for a climate that knows no change, peeping to the call of winter in Jamaica, first-primed paradise. Now, Swainson’s warbler, spread your wings wide, a better treat than an eagle in the hands of the migrating naturalist, your if-a-tree-falls- in-the-forest rock-a-bye-ba- by song interrupted by glass. More [...]