How to Contribute

Submissions to the Variety Show are currently on hold. If you wish to contribute, please check back again towards Summer 2022. In the meantime, please enjoy the 90+ pieces that make up our show!

If you would like to participate in the University of Saskatchewan’s MFA in Writing Variety Show, please contact our hosts, Tea Gerbeza, Sarah Ens, and Sheri Benning at*

Submission Guidelines:

  • Story Time. A short writing sample of your own work. Prose excerpts or poetry (750 words or 1-3 poems). This can be anything from a work-in-progress to a piece you’ve published in a book or magazine. Cozy up and settle in for sneak peeks and snippets of what the MFA in Writing folks are up to.
  • Curiosities. Odd bits and bobs of other creative endeavours. What are you knitting? What avant garde films are you directing? Which cats are you drawing? What tricks are you teaching your dog? Please keep these submissions brief (videos 1-2 minutes max).
  • The Variety Show project is currently on hold. Please wait for our submissions window to re-open before submitting.

*At this time, we are only accepting contributions from USask MFA in Writing students, alumni, faculty, and mentors.