Life-Size Puppets by Carolyn Gray

Photos from the play Duet for a Schizophrenic, written by Chris Johnson and designed and directed by Carolyn Grey under her production company, The Little Theatre of the Gray Goose.

For 15 years, Carolyn belonged to the avant-garde puppetry company Adhere and Deny, so of course she is happy to put puppets into anything, anytime, anywhere. Duet for a Schizophrenic, a traditional Punch and Judy show, featured slightly larger-than-life jumping jack puppets of the actors (Carolyn called them jack-offs—the puppets, that is.) Carolyn constructed and painted these puppets and incorporated them throughout the show. The play was performed at Ace Art Gallery in Winnipeg.




Featured actors: 
Erin McGrath
Graham Ashmore
Kerri Potter

The band:
Eeper Weeper

Photos by:
Janet Shum

(produced with the assistance of the Manitoba Arts Council)

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