“Surrender” by Mika Lafond

            to endure pressure and despair
is to survive a hurricane
overthinking worst-case scenarios
inescapable sorrow and melancholy thoughts
seeming to end life as it was
isolated in your home
walls built to weather winds
not knowing if you should run
or board up windows
then listen to them 
creak under pressure
threaten to tear you apart

            isolation draws in loneliness
bluffing as solitude and peace
heavy numbness under a blanket
loneliness that screams from within
an alarm shrieking behind
a clenched jaw – warning
that you will not sleep
through this storm

            hurricanes form circles
the air assaults dirt and sand
stuck in cycles – water crashes
while light is locked away
in a tight coat of clouds
in that darkness flight
is not an option
even the greatest warrior 
would be blind

            escape through patience
experience the body
sharing ancient secrets made
of earth – knowing what to do
hurricanes are natural phenomena
the earth healing trauma
as the winds find patterns so does
your breath
deep deep breaths

            inhale 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
exhale 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 
hands open releasing the unwanted
accepting permission to heal

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