“First Lift Here” by Taidgh Lynch

I remember the package you sent,
wrapped in shiny paper with a heart red bow.
I couldn’t hold down my joy.
I grabbed a knife,
blood bucketed, and I was left with wings
and the entrails of a nightingale.

With a voice full of glass
I broke the news to you
and said, I’m not violent.
I wouldn’t hurt anything as beautiful as you.
You said you’d send another.
You left instructions:
be careful,
first lift at designated spot,
careful, do not tear,
then take the nightingale slowly out,
listen to it sing.


This poem was first published in Bare Hands Poetry journal and in First Lift Here (JackPine Press 2019). Listen to Taidgh read “First Lift Here” on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/taidgh-lynch/first-lift-here

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