“October Mist” by Rita Bouvier

mist clings
ground level as I walk this quietness
the light dulled         made magnificent.
leaves of gold slowly making their way
home to the earth beneath my feet
like me some day         but for now I am

content to know it is as it always was.
last night the gulls soaring high
the sky a graceful movement of wings
flashes of silver against an opulent blue
as I sat lost with my thoughts
the promise of a quick visit
a brother I don’t see often enough.

later         dashed by the call that comes
in the dead of night
slurred speech now in the grips
of some monster that just won’t let go.
one can only lose so much.
my body sinks to sorrow
for the rest of the day
and into the falling night

spilling over
into this blue-gray morning light
wrapped in mist.

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