Excerpt from Cambrai by Guy Vanderhaeghe

It was eleven p.m. and the electricity was out all over Connaught. The town lay smothered in blackness except for a few windows where the light of a candle or a coal-oil lamp feebly wagged a flame. But in the Connaught Hotel, John Francis Dill’s room was afire with a grand and glorious effulgence. Minutes [...]

“Burrowing” by Sarah Ens

The polar bear head at FortWhyte Alive considers the dust that coats her plastic tongue— she craves bite, dreams blood, hears a burrowing owl, sprinter, long-legged in the late afternoon. In chase, the bear's frozen jaw confesses: i would gather for you crickets, ground beetles, young mourning doves. The owl enclosure beams earthy sanctuary, damp [...]

“Space-Xd” by Mari-Lou Rowley

Thinking about birds and wires flight trajectories missiles satellites geostationary versus low shallow 5G orbits thousands of gestapo spacecraft marching across the night sky Mars and Pluto conjunct in Leo in the tenth house communication versus Convenient Surveillance puffy clouds of lost language thoracic videogame bone pain thumbs numb tongues dumb. Who will Pay for [...]

“Red-winged Blackbirds” by Glen Sorestad

It’s the twenty-seventh day of April in the year of the pandemic and we are hoofing along the damp-from-yesterday’s-rain path through our local park and my legs are whimpering independently, while my back protests loudly from some unspecified injury it remembers, even if I can’t, when we notice first what seems to be several dark [...]