“Tsundoku” by William Robertson

(Japanese) The practice of buying more books than you can read. Of course, I did.From my first UniversityWomen’s Book Sale where bookswere piled on every table.Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Romefor a nickel?  Of course.Twelve individual Shakespeare playsin hard covers for 5 cents apiece?Sold.  Goldsmith’s Collected Poemsfor a quarter?  No question. They gave me a banana box for mybounty, could barely carry [...]

“Momblog” by Alissa York

No one talks about the life rattle, the one she makes in her crib, florid with her first-ever cold—the result of a germ you overlooked. The perks of parenthood, unlimited stains on your record, dishonour splashed across your breast. You could signpost every spot: first waddle through the busted gate; the burner where you superheat [...]